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  • Quality products and the best personalized customer experience on the market!

  • We work with each client individually to ensure that you get every bit of performance and aesthetics squeezed out of each penny of your budget!

  • Starting at $599! (Financing Available!)

  • You pay full price only when you see and satisfied with the ready product!

  • Don’t know anything about computers? Scary? Uncomfortable? Don’t know where to start? No problem, we will explain everything in the most easy and understandable way and answer on all your questions so you know what should and what shouldn’t be in your future system according to you needs and budget!

  • Do you enjoy ordering your own hardware? Already have hardware that you would like to use/reuse? We have no problem using your stuff, and it can be shipped straight to us from you or from your favorite retailer to our shop!

  • You have already built computer but it needs some recommendations, Service, Repairs, Upgrades, Chassis swap, re-design, cleaning & detailing? We are here for you! You can ship your system to us or drop off at our location!

  • 10 to 15 business days after estimate approval to see your ready product!

  • Unlock absolutely full potential of your budget and experience truly amazing world of PC entertainment with us!

  • Shipping Nationwide! Pick up or drop off at our location!

  • We are 5 Star rated business on Google and Facebook. Hundreds of 5 Star reviews which you should check out to see what other people say about us!

  • 25000+ subscribers, followers and supporters across all social media platforms and growing. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

  • Who else does that on the market? No one!

Did we forgot something?

Probably yes, because we do provide so much more!

You just simply contact us and we will take the best care of you!

Proudly established and located in Park Rapids Minnesota

About Us

  • We are family owned business.

  • Our experience in PC manufacturing, service and upgrades is 20 years.

  • KUB Custom PC operate since 2019 and based in Park Rapids, Minnesota USA!

  • We stand behind our quality and customers! Our PC's very unique and personalized, unlike any others on a market

  • At KUB Custom PC we do things differently than any other PC company.

  • We provide absolutely new personalized customer experience by working with clients specific budgets and needs, delivering the best possible hardware and performance level for their money!

  • We are helping our clients to have PC's that will match not only their budget but also specific design ideas! 

  • Our prices very low and competitive while quality is very high!

  • We are working with all computer hardware brands around the world and that is making our product designs so unusual and unique!

  • KUB Custom PC is here to help you save your money and create for you that special Gaming PC or Workstation that you always dreamed about!

  • We are shipping our products Nationwide. International shipping is possible by custom request!

  • We also provide hardware and technical support for local and other businesses (Not a Contract based service)!  

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